Viking Tantan and Debt Dragon, Draxl

Hello. My name is Viking Tantan and my Debt Dragon is named Draxl. Draxl hatched the moment I signed for my student loans. By the time I graduated, he weighed close to $36,000. Oi!

The year following graduation, I fed Draxl a few treats after I charged two credit cards and took out another small personal. As a result, Draxl gained even more money weight and was now close to $40,000. Yikes! Since February 2014, I started Draxl on a diet to get his weight back down to 0. Fast forward to a year later, and he is $30,844.

I know I’m not the only person with a debt dragon. Some people have really, really big ones that weigh as much as a house or small ones that weigh only a couple hundred dollars. This is my journey on how I’m getting Draxl back down to 0, and hopefully give others the courage to put their debt dragon on a diet too. 🙂

P.S. I’ll post a picture next week of Draxl and I once I figure out how to get my drawing from the page on to the computer.