December Financial Goals Update

  1. Save up $3,000 to visit home during my winter vacation. Completed! Finished on Nov 27th, 2017. New goal is to start buying plane tickets, hotels, etc. I’ve already purchased my tickets and a bit of travel insurance. Spent so far: $883.00 ($822 on round trip plane ticket and $61 on travel insurance).
  2. 1 Year Emergency Fund.  Won’t really start this until January. I might save a bit more for my trip just for piece of mind. Then whatever is left over will go towards this. I may have to extend my ETA out to March or April. ETA: Feb 31st, 2018.
  3. Start fixing up my teeth. I started doing this in November a tiny bit. I visited two different dentist offices (pro-tip for living in Korea; always get a second opinion) to try to find one I was comfortable with. At the first dental clinic, I got x-rays and a cleaning (scaling) done. Total cost was $21. When I went back for a follow consultation about what work would be done on my teeth, there was a mis-communication and I no longer felt comfortable at that dentist. At the second dentist office, I had x-rays done for $8 and a verbal consultation about one of my molars that had a cavity on it. We didn’t do a cleaning at the 2nd dental clinic since I’d just had one a week before at teh 1st dental clinic. This is also why it’s important to visit more than one dental clinic: 1st dental clinic said I would need a root canal and crown done on that molar. Price: $400 to $500. 2nd dental clinic said it just needed a filling. Price: $50.
  4. Save for an Around the World trip. I’ll start saving for this, hopefully, around March 2018. My original goal was to hit up all 7 continents, but I’ve had to revise it to 6. Sorry Antarctica, but at the moment, you’re too expensive. I’m still hoping I’ll find a way to fit that in too. We’ll see. ETA to finish: March 1st, 2019. Update: Currently starting to plan where I might want to go and get a rough estimate of the cost for each country and region. At moment, I’m looking at Australia because I know it will be one of the priciest places I visit. I definitely will be visiting Germany and Greece as well, but am not super sure on the rest of the countries at the moment.

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