2017 Goals Update

It’s been awhile since I’ve checked in with my goals, so let’s see how I’m doing.

  1. Be debt free: FINISHED!! I completed this at the end of August; 4 months ahead of schedule. 🙂
  2. Try 5 new recipes: I have tried 3 recipes. Well, more like concoctions. I’ve made mashed potatoes, taco salad, and my version of crab rangoons. I can’t always find the ingredients I need, or if I do, they are very pricey. As a result, I do my best to find a suitable substitute. I really miss the variety of food options that American stores have.
  3. Read 20 Books: I’ll have to double check, but I believe I’ve already accomplished this. If not, I’m very close. Checked: I’m at 18 books read so far.
  4. 6 Adventures: I’m up to 3 adventures, I think. I know I’ve been on a couple of mini-adventures.
  5. Make 10 Videos: Completed.
  6. Write 10 Blog Posts: Completed.
  7. Save 2 Mil Won: Fail. I did save 1 mil won to go towards fixing up my teeth, but I haven’t saved any extra past that and probably won’t for awhile since other financial goals are taken priority.
  8. Travel out of the country: Fail. I decided to focus the money on getting out of debt and then saving for a much needed visit back home to take care of some stuff. I’d originally only planned to live in Korea for a year, but I’ll be starting my 3rd contract in Feb 2018 and need to take care of some stuff that’s expiring. Plus, I really miss home.
  9. Work Out More: Fail. While I did workout a few times this year, I would stop about two weeks in. I’ll continue this goal next year. I found a life hack that may help with working out.
  10. Draw/Create 6 Art Works: Fail. I’ve only drawn one full Draxl picture picture and two unfinished ones.

I follow Double Debt Single Woman’s blog and she always gives herself a grade for how well she’s completed her yearly goals. Following her lead, for this year I give myself a B- at best. It’s amazing that I finally completed a 4 year long goal and became debt free this past August, but I failed in many other goals. I’ve been thinking carefully about the goals I want to set in 2018 and hopefully I’ll be more motivated to accomplish them.

How was your 2017?


  1. Congrats again on reaching debt freedom. I’m curious, now that you are out of debt, what is motivating you to stay on in Korea? What do you like about it? How long do you think you’ll live there?

    Ok, you have to tell me the life hack for staying motivated and disciplined to work out. I need to know this!

    Yeah, I’m re-evaluating if I even want to have any health related 2018 goals. Failing them every year as hard as I do can be demotivating. On the other hand, if I make it so that I achieve an A+ on my goals every year, then my goals weren’t high enough. So I’m trying to find a good balance.

    1. I’m staying one more year and then moving on to my next adventure, whatever that may be. The main reason why I’m staying a 3rd year is to build up a solid years worth of emergency fund for when I decide to transition back into the States, and trying to save up for at least 6 months of traveling before I move back. In the past, I liked how different the culture was from mine, but lately the differences have been getting on my nerves. I think it’s due to that fact that I really miss parts of home and haven’t been back in 2 years.

      My potential life hack: Earlier today I had a lot of cooking mishaps and one of them was cooking mash potatoes. While I was waiting for the potatoes to boil and cook, I decided to do some squat exercises while reading a book on the my Kindle app. It worked out really well. I did a couple of planks while reading my book on the floor. As long as the exercise wasn’t too jumpy. I know you live with roomies, so completely understand if you don’t want to exercise while you cook, but it seemed to work out quite well for me today.

    2. So since I was able to workout a bit while cooking, it saved me time. That’s when I thought I may have found a life hack, cause I was able to accomplish multiple things at once.

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