BE 5: I’m sick? I think? Pollution?

And late….again. Here’s why.

1. Blog/Vlog Ember Update: This project of completing both a blog post and a new Youtube video everyday takes much longer, on a day to day basis, than I originally thought. I kid you not; a 2 to 3 minute video can take up to 4 hours to edit. This includes sound and visual editing, captioning (for my dad: No problem by the way. Heart.), and all of the uploading processing time that my comp and YT take to complete. I may need to scrap this project and scale it back to 3 days a week or something. Going from very sporadic posts/vids to trying to create and upload something new everyday is quite the big jump, and I believe it was too much of a change at once. My ambition got the best of me. I admit defeat at the moment, but I’ll keep trying to complete the project.

2.Was I sick or was it pollution? I may have been sick on Sunday (Nov 5th), but I’m not sure. I had a stuffy nose that started late Saturday night. This caused me to not sleep much of the night due to the uncomfortableness of not being able to breathe. Sure, I could’ve taken meds, but since I pretty much never get sick, I had none in the apartment and the local pharmacy was already closed. I’m not really into taking meds to heal a sickness, so I was okay with not having any.

Plus, like I said above, I wasn’t sure if I was actually sick. Pollution here can be quite the issue sometimes. Now it’s not as bad a places like Beijing, but enough of a problem that it can cause sickness for the citizens in the city. The regular pollution levels here on a day to day basis used to cause one of my friends to get sick quite often with stuffy noses and such. She had a specific term for it, but I can’t remember what it was. For my friend, not wearing a face mask and checking the pollution/dust levels before she left her apartment wasn’t really an option for her due to it affecting her health.

99% of the time I waltz outside without checking to see how bad it is or without wearing a mask because it’s super, super rare for pollution to affect me. If I remember right, there were a couple of days in either the spring or summer where the dust/pollution was so bad, that there was a city wide emergency alert sent to everyone’s cell phones to wear masks when we went outside. I still didn’t wear a mask; I never do. But on those days, I’d wished a bit that I had. When I breathed in, I could feel/taste the dust/pollution on my tongue and feel it sticking to my throat. But I still didn’t get sick from it, so maybe I was really sick with a cold on this past Sunday.

So long story short, by Monday morning, my stuffy nose was gone. I have no idea if I caught a brief cold, if it was an effect from the seasons changing, or if pollution caused it. However, it was definitely enough to set me back on this project for a couple of days due to catching up on sleep.

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  1. Be careful with air pollution.

    If the air quality is so bad that everyone is being told to wear face masks, it couldn’t hurt to do so. Small particles from heavy pollution in the air can get into your lungs and stay there, only to cause problems years from now when you’re older.

    On the other hand, if you’re not planning on living there for many more years, maybe you’re fine.

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