Currently it’s been 2.5 hours of video editing, and I have at least another 1.5 to go. On a video that took 2 minutes to film. Ugh. When I haven’t made a video in awhile, I forget how freaking long it takes to edit one. The filming part is easy and I enjoy that part, but condensing, slicing, and adding additional pics, vids, and music takes forever. Anyways, it’s not that horrible once you get into the groove. Plus it’s an excellent reminder to pre-film, pre-edit videos on weekends so I don’t have to cram a video a day during the work week.

Ah, well. If this was easy, then it wouldn’t of been a challenge. I like challenges. Sometimes. Lol.

Anyways, I’ll link the video below. It includes this; one of my favorite animals:

I also attempted to recreate crab rangoons since I’ve been craving them lately:

I don’t like the “traditional” star shape, so I made them into half moon shapes. They look bubbly because the stores don’t carry wonton or egg roll wrappers, so I substituted with dumpling wrappers (which are made more for boiling than frying, hence the bubbliness).

Here’s my video for the day. Finally finished after 3 hours. (I was working on it while writing this post).

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